Tuesday, June 07, 2016

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 7: A Song You Never Tire of Hearing

I have a terrible habit of taking songs that I love and putting them in regular rotation on my iPod, or using them as the ringtone (or worse, the wake-up alarm tone) on my phone, and it never fails that, over time, I grow very very sick of them.  This is a worse offense than tiring of a good song because it's overplayed on the radio, because in this instance the wrong (and the loss) is self-inflicted.

I've tried to switch out my ringtones and alarm tones before I tire of them over the last several years... but that's the thing, isn't it?  There's just no determining in advance exactly when that one time you hear a song is going to be the time that you realize you've worn it out.

All that is to say that I doubt there is a song that I think it would be impossible to tire of hearing, but some definitely have more resilience than others.

My pick for today is Jill Scott's "A Long Walk" from her still-amazing 2000 album Who Is Jill Scott? Here it is:

I don't have a great story to go along with my pick today.  This is just a great song.  Plenty good enough to last through several long walks without getting tiresome.

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