Saturday, June 20, 2015

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 20: A Song To Listen To When You're Angry

My entries for the rest of the month are going to be brief, because I just had elbow surgery and am now living what, if it were a sitcom,  I'd dub "My So Called One-Armed Life."  My options for typing now are either henpecking or voice recognition software, both of which are time-consuming and neither of which are particularly effective.  I've opted for the voice recognition software, but I'm finding that I spend as much time henpeck-editing as I do voice-typing, Also, I cannot tie my shoes.

Today's prompt is a difficult one for me. I don't generally associate listening to music with being angry, though I do recognize the value of music for assuaging all manner of distressed psychological and emotional states.  When I'm angry, the feeling that most frequently accompanies that anger is an exasperation of the just-get-off-my-back-I-can't-even sort. Like, enough already. And so, my pick for today is Michael Jackson's "Leave Me Alone," Here it is:

I particularly appreciate the opportunity to wail along with MJ during the chorus,  Just leave me a-looooohhhne.  Leave me aloooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhhne.  And that wailing is made even more satisfying by the staccato punchiness of the followup line.  Just. Stop. Dogging. Me. Around.

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