Thursday, December 05, 2013

Grading War Letters to Home, Day 1

These are the letters from the first day of the Grading War.  If you landed here by accident and don't know what you're reading, click here for the backstory.

5 December 2013, 3:29pm
Dearest Marcus,
The battle here rages on unabated, only intensifying my longing for Deliverance, for the warmth and Safety of your hearth and for some respite from the agonies that our Blessed Providence has appointed me. I take up my pen now only as consequence of the Fortunate arrival of a ravenous hunger, which came upon me unawares and forced my momentary retreat from the front lines. Despite the pains, I give Thanks for this brief moment to recall my Fondness for you in these lines. Also for the brief moment to avail myself of the ever-diminishing rations.

I do not wish to stoke the fires of your Concern for my station, but I fear that Nature herself conspires against us. This very eve, the temperatures are falling as swiftly as our morale. Take confidence, dearest, that I have not yet shed the shameful tears of cowardice and resignation. I am resolute, even if increasingly weak. I pray the morrow is less portentous. I pray you pray the same for me. I remain, as ever,
Affectionately Yours,
Leigh M. Johnson

Dearest Marcus,
It has been a long first day in battle. We engaged with Steadfast valor and Discipline, despite the overwhelming force of our Opposition, who seem to outnumber us as the stars in Heaven outnumber all of our days below the Firmament. Alas, I fear the end remains as regrettably distant as I am from you now.

I regret to report that it grows frightfully cold and dark here. I can neither see nor think clearly enough to continue on. I trust and Hope, as I know you do also, that Grace provides me another day to venture forth in and for the Right.

There is a strange, small, mechanical contraption nearby, around which the others have gathered and from which a Strange melody pours forth. The little Box sings that that the Hills are alive with, that our Hearts will be filled with, the Sound of Music. Oh, sweet Marcus! Would that our hearts shared those musical Hills together at this very moment!

My love to Father, Mother, and all our dear friends safe at home, who I trust are watching over you. Until my return, of which we both must remain assured, I continue to be
Devotedly Yours,
Leigh M. Johnson

PS- There is another soldier with me, whom you may know. His name is Charles McKinney. Please check in on his family as you are able. You must care for one another there, as we do here, and as God and His Angels do for us all.

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