Saturday, June 01, 2013

30 Day Song Challenge (The Sequel): Rules

[For those of you who've arrived here from a link, you can read below the initial "rules" of the 30 day Song Challenge (The Sequel)... but, more importantly, the rest of you who are probably just looking for a quick access to ALL of Dr. J's entries for the 30 Day Song Challenge (The Sequel)..  no prob, yo, just click here for yout total VIP access link. ]

The votes are in, the "30 Day Song Challenge, the Sequel" has won, and today I begin my go at it. For the month of June, I'll pick a song that corresponds to the prompt provided in the list below for each day of the contest.  I won't repeat songs at any point during the month, and I'll do my best not to repeat songs from my June 2011 participation in the contest.  That's really all there is to the contest.  The rules aren't complicated; getting it done every day for 30 days in a row is.  You can follow along here, of course, or on the Facebook page for this blog. I'll also tweet the link to each day's entry for the duration of the contest on my own personal Twitter account, @DrLeighMJohnson, and also on the Twitter account for this blog, @RMWMTMBM.  On both accounts, we'll tweet the links every day with the hashtag #DrJSOTD.  And, as always, I hope you'll take advantage of the comments section every day to leave your thoughts.

These will be the prompts for each day of June:

day 01 – a song you like from a band you don't like
day 02 – a song you hate from a band you love
day 03 – a song for a rainy day
day 04 – a song for a sunny day
day 05 – your favorite song for driving around town with the top down
day 06 – your favorite song for flying down the highway at top speed
day 07 – a song you love from the '50s
day 08 - a song you love from the '60s
day 09 - a song you love from the '70s
day 10 - a song you love from the '80s
day 11 - a song you love from the '90s
day 12 - a song you love from the '00s
day 13 – your favorite make-out song
day 14 – a song you associate with breaking up
day 15 – a song that reminds you of your best friend
day 16 – your favorite song from a TV or movie soundtrack
day 17 – your favorite holiday song
day 18 – a song that makes you think of a place you've never been
day 19 – a song you used to love, but that you have now outgrown
day 20 – a song that could easily have been written about your life
day 21 – a song by a band or artist that has never achieved the level of fame they deserve
day 22 – a song by the most overrated band or artist you can think of
day 23 – a song that makes you think of family
day 24 – a song by the sexiest artist you know
day 25 – a great song to work out to
day 26 – a song by a band or artist you'd like to have dinner with
day 27 – a song you think would be an effective instrument of torture
day 28 – a song you like by a band or artist you first discovered in the past year
day 29 – a song you like by a band or artist that isn't from North America, Europe or Australia
day 30 – a song you never get tired of, no matter how many times you hear it

Stay tuned!

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