Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Song Challenge, Redux

A couple of years ago on this blog, for the whole month of June, I participated in the 30 Day Song Challenge, a rather ingenious invention by some anonymous music-lover on Facebook.  The way the 30 Day Song Challenge works is that it provides one "prompt" every day-- for example, "a song that makes you happy," "a song that is a guilty pleasure," "a song that you want played at your funeral"-- and then asks participants to pick a song that corresponds to that prompt.  For my first go-round with this, instead of just selecting a song every day, I wrote and posted here a more extended back-story account of the whys and hows of my picks. (If you're interested in seeing my whole 30-day log from 2011, you can read them all here, though they will be listed in reverse order.)  In the now-going-on-seven years that I've maintained this blog, June 2011 was without a doubt the most enjoyable 30 days of blogging I've ever done.

So, I'm doing it again.

Starting this Saturday, June 1, I will re-commence my participation in the 30 Day Song Challenge on this blog.  Here's the thing, though: there are several competing prompt-lists that have sprung up since the original Challenge.  There's one called the "New 30 Day Song Challenge" and one called "30 Day Song Challenge, the Sequel" and one called the "Heck Yeah Tumblr 30 Day Song Challenge."  I really liked the original list, but I'm a little worried that if I try to do it all over again with the same list, there's a good chance that I'll end up with some repeated picks.  (I suppose I could self-impose a rule not to repeat any picks from my 2011 list, but that seems contrary to the spirit of the game.)  So, I'm asking you, readers, to choose the governing rules for me this time.

Yay voting.  Yay democracy.  Here you go:
Which version of the 30 Day Song Challenge should Dr. J use in June 2013?
Choose one of the following:

You can also vote in the sidebar, for the next 48 hours or so.

Just to be clear, there isn't a TON of difference between the versions listed above, so you'll need to look at each list to decide.  Again, here are the links to the day-by- day prompts for each version of the contest:
ORIGINAL 30 Day Song Challenge
NEW 30 Day Song Challenge
THE SEQUEL 30 Day Song Challenge
HECK YEAH Tumblr 30 Day Song Challenge
The first three versions of the contest are hosted on Facebook, so you'll need to click the "About" link to see that particular contest's full list of prompts.  The HECK YEAH Tumblr version of the prompt list is right there on the home page. Like any other thing you vote on, I just ask that you try to make an informed decision before you vote.  I'm also happy to hear a real argument for any particular contest over the other.  Just post that in the comments below.

For the record, I don't have any particular preference for one list over the others.  If this poll shows an obvious consensus before Saturday-- when I'll be starting the new challenge-- I will definitely go with the vox populi.  Otherwise, I'll be flipping a coin.

Prepare for a whole month of awesome, courtesy of RMWMTMBM. 

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