Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Values Project Exhibition Gets the Greenlight!

After much Sturm und Drang for the AVP team, we're happy to announce that we've finally managed to secure a location and date for our exhibit! So, mark your calendars: We'll be staging the VERY FIRST exhibition of the entire American Values Project collection on MAY 5 at Marshall Arts gallery in downtown Memphis.

May is always an exciting and jam-packed month here in the River City. The annual Memphis in May festivities include a World-Championship BBQ Contest, a star-studded Music Fest, a Sunset Symphony and, now, the American Values Project exhibition! Our show will include multimedia and interactive elements-- so bring the whole gang, kids included, with you!-- as well as enlarged displays of our ever-increasing collection. If you haven't contributed your own photo to our collection yet, now is the time! Just visit the How To Contribute page on our website and follow the instructions to upload a picture of you and your value there. You can also upload your photo to the AVP Facebook page, or email it to our team (, or even email it directly to me ( And, if you HAVE already contributed, please be sure to come by the exhibition and see what the whole thing looks like!

Because of the time it takes to print and mount physical images for display, we'll only be able to include photos that we receive before Thursday, April 19th (that's NEXT Thursday!). Of course, you can still contribute to the Project after that date, but we won't be able to include your photo in the May 5 exhibit if we don't get it before then. So, GRAB YOUR CAMERA RIGHT NOW AND DO IT!!

American Values Project has always been a grassroots, DIY, nickel-and-dime endeavor that relies heavily on the support and goodwill of the people who believe in it. If you're one of those people, the AVP team would like to impose on you (again) to help us spread the word about the Project and the upcoming exhibition. Please point your friends and family to our website, our Facebook page or our Twitter feed, and please feel free to download and distribute the image below, which is the announcement/flyer for our May 5 show:

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MSdos5602 said...

Wow! This looks incredible! I wish I could see the entire gallery- perhaps you could post a few photos of the display?