Monday, September 05, 2011

5 Years, 100K Hits

Five years ago this month, I began this blog. At the time, I was in the final stretch of writing my dissertation and entering the job market. The title that I gave to the blog had been a personal mantra of mine for a long time, something I had scribbled down on a piece of paper my sophomore year in college as a way to motivate myself. (I've somehow managed to hang on to that piece of paper all these years. It's now tacked on the bulletin board by my office desk.) I didn't have a clear idea then what this blog would be, and I had NO idea what it would become, but I was spending a lot of time, alone, in front of my laptop, and I needed to write about something other than truth commissions, crimes against humanity, and deconstruction on occasion. There have definitely been periods when this site has seen a lot of activity (most recently, during my 30 Day Song Challenge in June) and other times when it has laid dormant (like, the last couple of months), but over the years it has come to be a rather important part of my identity. When I neglect it, I miss it and feel guilty about it, and when it's active, I feel more active.

I've definitely been neglecting it of late, so I was pleasantly surprised to see, upon returning, that this blog passed 100,000 hits while I was gone. In the grand scheme of things, 100K hits over 5 years is a pretty paltry number. There are something like 50 million tweets everyday, almost 34,000 Google searches per second, and 100 billion Facebook hits per day. Still, I'm not complaining. 100K people have passed by here at some point, and I'm glad to have served as their host.

So, thank you again, readers.

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