Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cause of Death: Seuss-icide

Okay, I tried really hard to do the 31 Days in Seuss, but I lost steam on the whole thing about mid-month and never recovered. I know when I'm beat, so I'm throwing in the towel.

Turns out it's actually hard to write poetry-- even bad poetry-- every day. Let me go ahead and extend a heartfelt apology for all the merciless fun I've made of the poets I know. (If you're a poet, you probably didn't know about the ridicule, since I usually do it behind your back.) Poetry is no joke hard work.

I really do like the month-long "theme" challenges, but I need to find one that is a little harder to do than the 30 Day Song Challenge but a lot easier to do than the 31 Days in Seuss. I'm opening the comments section up to suggestions from you, readers. Right now I'm leaning heavily towards an idea (borrowed from Kate Drabinski's blog What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today) where I would take a picture from my daily life each day. I've been noticing recently that there are a LOT of times in my mundane Memphis experience when I see things that I should photograph. Just a couple of days ago, when the heat index was hovering around 110 degrees, I saw a man in a full Santa costume sitting on the curb in Midtown and cutting out paper snowflakes. That's some positive thinking that should be documented.

Bring on the suggestions!


Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

I tried too, although not nearly as hard as you. It was just too hard.


Emma B. said...

I thought this was incredibly valiant! Well done and don't blame you at all for Seussicide. I never got further than thinking about it for two seconds and concluding, "nah, too hard." :)

Marginamia said...

hey! it's KG. I'm writing a baby name blog, Marginamia. I know you can't wait to dig in, as baby names has to be your second most favorite topic. hehe. but really, come over and see me!!! I'll have a Facebook page up by the day's end, too, so you can fan me and then we can chat more often. i have so, so, so many questions about the blogging world. All in all in seems to be going well, though.

I hear you on the difficulties of being a poet, but I'm not going to stop mocking them. and I'm not sorry.