Friday, July 01, 2011

31 Days in Seuss: The Rules

Some of you have already written me to ask "what in the world is 31 Days in Seuss?!" Well, it's like the 30 Day Song Challenge that I did last month (in June), only it's done in verse, like Dr. Seuss. Each day, I will have to answer the Seuss prompt with as much cleverness, wit and rhyme as I can muster, and with a healthy dose of neologisms.

I'll just say at the outset that I'm no poet. I didn't even know what anapestic tetrameter or amphibrach tetrameter or trochaic tetrameter was until I looked up Dr. Suess on Wikipedia. But, then again, not many people of Theodor Geisel as a "great poet" either, so I'll just try to slip in like he did. I'm not as confident about making it all the way through this challenge as I was about the music challenge, but I'm certainly going to give it a shot.

Oh the places we will go!

Here's how the Seuss Challenge will proceed for July. Please let me know if you're playing along on your own blog. And extra points for comments in Seuss-ese!


Day 1- My job
Day 2- My love
Day 3- My music
Day 4- My books
Day 5- My hate
Day 6- My biggest hope
Day 7- My best idea
Day 8- My best friend
Day 9- My family
Day 10- My hometown
Day 11- My excellent adventure
Day 12- My scariest moment
Day 13- My saddest day
Day 14- My country
Day 15- My politics
Day 16- My religion
Day 17- My lost cause
Day 18- My embarrassment
Day 19- My parents
Day 20- My death
Day 21- My baggage
Day 22- My pet
Day 23- My most random moment
Day 24- My style
Day 25- My home
Day 26- My delusion
Day 27- My talent
Day 28- My principles
Day 29- My philosophy
Day 30- My worst moment
Day 31- Why you should know me

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This is a hard challenge but I've started my foray. Day one at: