Friday, June 03, 2011

31 Days in Seuss, Day 3: My Music

Back again with the 31 Days in Seuss Challenge for Day 3. Today's prompt calls for me to versify "my music." Last month on this blog I participated in the 30 Day Song Challenge, so there's plenty to read there if you're interested in my more extended music commentary. (It's not in verse, though.) Since I've already written so much about music, and since it's actually quite hard to construct the Seuss verses, I'm going for a shorter entry today.

Ideas Man, PhD and I are still looking for others to do this Seuss thing with us. If you've got a blog or a Facebook page, join in! In the meantime:

A sad but true story, three simple chords
Produce stupendously sonic rewards
The Greats had a knack for that legerdemain
That, coupled with loving or soulful refrains,
Can conjure a sound that seems preordained
To make quite fantastic what was once just mundane.

Give me some gospel, some country and blues
A whole host of Johnnys whose dads named them "Sue"
A road-worn gambler with a six-string guitar
Crossroads where the devil knows who you are

A midnight train chock-full of Pips
A juke-joint with plenty of shimmying hips

Some horns, some bass, an organ and drums
A singer whose voice in an instant becomes
The siren call of a love that was lost
Of a dream forsaken for too high a cost.

From me they'll get a thousand salutes
For a thousand great songs, from a thousand deep roots
From the poor and the weary, the hungry, the lame
From the lovers and dreamers who shunned any fame
For their love of an instrument, a story, a song
To sing the life of a country where we all can belong.

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