Saturday, July 02, 2011

31 Days in Seuss, Day 2: My Love

This 31 Days in Seuss Challenge is already harder than I thought it would be. But the good news is that there's at least one other person who I know is doing it, so be sure to check out Ideas Man, PhD's blog. He's got mad Seuss skills.

I'm hoping that the more one tries to write in Seuss, the easier it gets. We will see. Anyway, here is today's attempt:

MY LOVEThe Prompter today: "I know what we'll do!
I'll ask you your love, and you'll tell me your Who!"
Poor Prompter, he could not have known what I knew
That my love is a What and not really a Who.

"Nonsense!" he said, an incredulous glance,
The look that he gave me profoundly askance
"Love is for Whos, real people and such
No one loves Whats in that way, not as much."

He passed me a tablet, a big shiny pen
Demanded the names of my Who-loves, and then
With a growl and a huff he slammed the door shut
"You must write of Whos and nary a What!"

I stared at the page, whatever to do?
There are too many Whos whom I love (and too few)
And my love for each is so different, too.
And what of the ones I already outgrew?
People might very well err, misconstrue
Why THEY weren't the Who for My Love pas-de-deux.

So I decided I'd make a list of the Whats
That I knew that I loved with no ifs, ands or buts
Love isn't as simple as that foul Prompter said
I would make My Love list how I wanted instead.

Music and books were on the top of my list
Big Ideas about how Whos and Whats coexist
There were warm summer nights and parties and sports
And the laughter that sounds like a hundred loud snorts
And classrooms with arguments, careful and sound
The sweet smell of honeysuckle right out of the ground
The rush of a roller coaster's exhilaration
And the feel of a juke joint's dancing gyrations
Sad songs and high-fives and pool tables too
And the heavenly taste of pork barbecue.

Those were my loves. That was my list.
I knew that the Prompter would surely be pissed.
He took it, was pleased, cried "How apropos!
List the Whats that one loves. The Whos already know."

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Melissa Alexandar said...

I digg this in more ways than one!! Excellent Seuss!