Monday, November 08, 2010

Laugh, And The World Laughs With You

Everyone knows that there are millions of hilarious YouTube videos out there, probably as many as there are YouTube videos featuring cute kids doing cute things. I don't usually post either on this blog, because all the good ones "go viral" and get seen by everyone anyway. In fact, I've only used up my blog-space twice before to do so. (Once with the "Can I Have a Napkin, Please?" bit and the other time with, of course, Jessica's Manifesto.) But I'm going to do it again with the video below, because it is hands-down the funniest thing I have seen in a long, loooong time. It features 2 minutes of a girl messing about with her webcam's image-distortion function. What's so hilarious about that, you ask? Well, quite simply, the fact that SHE thinks it's hilarious. I've watched this a dozen times now and I am crying with laughter along with her by the end every time. Just proves the old adage, I guess: Laugh, and the world laughs with you.

By the way, if you're interested in seeing what she (really) looked like while she was doing this, here's a link to a split-screen video of her doing the same thing (with one side un-distorted).


anotherpanacea said...

I laughed, but it also felt pretty uncanny.

DOCTOR J said...

@AnPan: Haha. Dude, I almost said the same thing... except that I'm trying to cultivate a censor on my "uncanny valley" outbursts.

anotherpanacea said...

Heh. So this was an enthymematic "uncanny" post.

steventhomas said...

a student of mine is writing a paper on laughter for another class, so I sent her your blog, and she sent me back this YouTube clip, which I think you'll enjoy a lot: