Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hypocrisy, Hyperbole, Historical Inaccuracy and Hatred

I highly recommend Russell King's "Open Letter to Conservatives," which lays out a well-argued and well-documented case for how the American Right has gone so terribly, terribly wrong.


Mark said...

I'd also suggest this article on Slate and the Frum article it references. Both are critiques of Republican tactics from the perspectives of self-identified conservatives. I'm just glad there's someone with some sense on the right.

tribalpremise said...

Ah, the tired old rhetorical fallacy of tu quoque makes its appearance! But should it hold such esteemed favor on a blog devoted to philosophy?

WV: procking - sticking someone with a needle while listening to Bon Jovi.

tribalpremise said...

Oh, I used my google name. I am the homunculus at end of an ethernet wire formerly known as Yankeedoodle. And yes, to the interested parties, I will address your queries shortly.

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