Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Burnin' Love Band Premiere

I don't often recommend specific shows to see in Memphis on this blog, but I'm making an exception this time for Brad Birkedahl. For years, Brad was the lead guitarist of The Dempseys, a smoking-hot rockabilly trio, perennially voted one of Memphis' Best Bands. Even if you've never been to Memphis, you've probably seen The Dempseys before. They were picked to play the one of the Sun Studio bands touring with Johnny Cash in the 2005 biopic Walk The Line. Unfortunately, The Dempseys split up earlier this year, but Brad is coming back with his new band, The Burnin' Love Band, who will play their premiere show this weekend. It looks like Brad has lined up a stellar set of musicians to join him in this new endeavor, including his wife, Anna Marie, who has an amazing voice. So, I am officially recommending that anyone within driving distance of Memphis head down to Blues City Cafe on Beale Street this Thursday, Friday or Saturday night (March 4-6) to hear exactly what guitars were made for.

On a side note, I had the opportunity a few months ago to sit down and play music with Brad, Anna Marie and some other local musicians upstairs at my neighbor's place. It was one of those nights that I absolutely love about Memphis: warm, relaxed, full of talented pickers and singers, cold beer, good-natured ribbing and amusing anecdotes. I can attest that, in addition to being a six-string savant, Brad's also a really nice guy. So, go check out the show. You won't regret it.

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