Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ask Doctor J

Fellow bloggers Petya and Ideas Man, PhD have turned me on to a great new site called FormSpring, which allows blog-readers to submit questions for their favorite blog-authors to answer and then posts the Q&A's onto the blog. From time to time I find myself at a loss for exciting new topics to post about here, and I thought I'd give this a try. So, I invite you readers to visit my FormSpring site and submit your questions (or you can scroll down the column to your right and submit a question in the form there). I'll do my best to answer all of the interesting ones. I will answer "anonymously" submitted questions, but it would be great if you could sign your questions with a name and location. Preference will be given to questions that easily fall into the themes already established on this blog (i.e., philosophy, politics, music, pop culture, film, literature, teaching or Memphis). So, go ahead, ask!

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