Friday, October 16, 2009

"Heart of Stone" Music Video

You may remember my mentioning a couple of months ago on this blog ("Video Killed the Philosophy Professor") that I had my first experience shooting a music video for one of my original songs. Well, here's the final product. Directed by Dana Gabrion and Chris Morgan. Photography by Chris Morgan. Starring: Max Maloney, Marlinee Iverson, Emily Fulmer and yours truly.

(If you press on the "flower"-looking thing between the volume bar and "vimeo" on the bottom, you can watch the video in full-screen.)

Leigh Johnson "Heart of Stone" Music Video from chris morgan on Vimeo.


Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

Very cool, Dr. J.

Chris Grubb said...

Wow. That is really good. Can I be your groupie? I promise to throw my underwear at you the next time we meet. How does that sound?