Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hits Just Keep On Comin'!

In all my busy-ness recently, I somehow missed the occurence of a major marker on this blog:

***OVER 30, 000 HITS TO DATE! ***

If you're reading this, then you're one of those 30K. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks to all the rest of you who have kept this blog alive. To celebrate, I'm opening up the comment section to suggestions for what you would like to see on this blog in the next month or so. (Consider this another variation of the "Just Ask" challenge from a couple of years ago.) I'll do my best to field all requests.

If you're a regular visitor, I'd like to know who you are, so I encourage you to become a "follower" of readmorewritemorethinkmorebemore. Just scroll down the column on your right and click on the "Follow" button. It's that easy!

Thanks again, everyone!


sue said...

Hey there. Have you thought much about the Roman Polanski controversy?

I always enjoy your posts on weak humanism so anything you say to further my thinking on that topic is of interest.

Chet said...

You're like Mike Voltaggio. You're a show-off.

anotherpanacea said...

Some possible topics/questions:

1. Which of your beliefs is most likely to be wrong? (My own possibilities: that egalitarian political projects are not self-defeating, that Motown made better music than the Beatles, or that the 'public option' is a red herring.)

2. What is the value of classic opera or modern painting?

3. Where will the discipline of philosophy be in twenty years? What do you tell your undergraduate philosophy majors when they ask about grad school?

4. What are the titles (and topics) of your next three books?

5. Will you ever leave Memphis? (Harvard wants to know.)

6. You've been granted tenure. What's the first thing you do? What's the book you've been waiting to write? Would it ever be a novel?

7. kd lang (or Emmylou Harris, or Patty Griffin, or Gilian Welch, or really, the artist/act of your choice) is looking for an opening act/duet partner/backup vocalist. Sabbatical beckons. Do you take it?

8. Speaking of kd lang, does anyone other than bell hooks have a right to demand that we forgo capitalization?

9. Something more personal, about health, embodiment, diabetes, etc.

10. Some Desert Island Top Five lists: books, albums, people, movies, Derrida texts, etc.

Brunson said...

@anotherpanacea: danah boyd?

Bryan Tarpley said...

i started reading your blog because it was linked off of elizabeth lareau's blog, and have enjoyed it ever since. and on the highly improbable chance that your reading list isn't already over-saturated, i post over here: