Friday, April 10, 2009

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Just go ahead and file this away in the "Amazing Adventures in Double Entendre" File.

In an attempt to resuscitate the revolutionary patriotism of Bostonians circa 1773, FOXNews and the Republican Party are calling on their constituents to organize their own April 15th "Tea Party" to protest President Obama's tax policies. What's more, they've also asked protesters to mail in tea bags to the White House as symbols of their libertarian disgust. What's the problem here, you ask?

Complete social retardation.

Some poor GOP intern obviously dropped the ball (pun intended) when they were vetting this idea, allowing the Party to go ahead with the slogan "Tea Bag Obama." The interns at FOXNews were asleep too, it seems, since the talking heads on that channel have been endlessly and shamelessly promoting the "teabagging" of Obama, the "teabagging" of the White House, the "teabagging" of liberal Democrats. Oh, the hits just keep on coming! (Pun also intended.) Nothing goes together like obliviousness and arrogance (except maybe alcohol and firearms), making the Teabagging Right (a phrase I thought I'd never use) a primo target for Rachel Maddow's rapier-like wit.

Sometimes it's just TOO easy...

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1 comment:

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

I giggle everytime I hear them talk about Teabagging.

But everyone who is on the facebook should attend my Guillotine response party.

It'll be off the hook.