Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

And, in this case, the "good deed" was my pedagogical experiment with (now, regular practice of) blogging in the classroom. I've been featured on The Dean's Blog: Celebrating Teaching and Learning at my college, in a story hyperbolically entitled "Philosophy in the 21st Century." I am, of course, really honored by the recognition... so, what's the "punishment," you ask? Well, I actually had to do a "photo shoot" for the story, which included not only portrait-type shots of the oh-so-very-non-photogenic me (in our library), but also "action" shots in the classroom during one of my seminar sessions. If you think being observed for evaluation while you are teaching is uncomfortable, you should try having a photographer in your classroom sometime. AWK-WARD.

Of course, what's really funny and ironic about the accompanying in-class photos is that they have very little to do with the subject matter of the story. But, hey, I don't want any photographers taking pictures of me in my regular blogging attire... and judging from the time-stamps on many of my students' blog posts and comments, I'm guessing they wouldn't want that, either.


pet said...

This is SO AWESOME, Leigh! Congrats on the recognition. Oh, and the photographs are fantastic!

anotherpanacea said...


The teaching action shot are pretty great, but why do universities insist on providing visual representations of research-in-progress?

emma b. said...

Looking good there, Dr. J.

Do you teach Charlotte Perkins Gilman on eugenics by any chance? She was a huge proponent... there's a great work on that and practices of feminist genealogy by Alys Weinbaum in her book _Wayward Reproductions_.

DOCTOR J said...

Thanks y'all.

Emma: No, I don't use Gilman, but thanks for the reference. There's so much to cover in the Philosophy of Race class that I have to be fairly selective about what I include. For eugenics, we really only read Galton and Gobineau.