Friday, January 23, 2009

At Least You Did The Reading...

A friend of mine forwarded me the following video, which is apparently a part of some series sponsored by the website Rate My Professors in which professors are allowed to comment upon students' remarks about them. The retorts are called "Professors Strike Back" and this is one from Peter Fettner, Professor of Intellectual Heritage at Temple University.

I seriously cannot stop laughing at this:

And then there's this, from Ohio State Chemistry Professor Rob Coleman. This is the kind of no-frills advice that all professors really do want to share with their charges:

What? No partial credit?!! Okay, how about extra credit?


petya said...

This is AWESOME!!!

DOCTOR J said...

I know... I LOVE the Chem profs "real world analogy." I think that, in the future, when students ask me for "partial credit" I'm just going to say:

"No. Instead I'm going to sue your ass and make you a bag lady."

steventhomas said...

Geez, why pick on the bag ladies?

Anyway, I want to see more!!!