Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is he still around?

There are plenty of nut-jobs out there who dominate the news for a brief time, then sort of fade away. While they're laying low, it's easy to forget about them-- until they raise their ugly heads again and show up on something like VH1's The Surreal Life. Such is the case with David Duke (pictured left, in all his glory), who is a former Lousiana State Representative, a former Presidential candidate and, oh yeah, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Duke is not going to star on The Surreal Life-- which is perhaps unfortunate, because I wouldn't mind seeing him go mono y mono with someone like Pepa or Janice Dickinson-- but he is crawling out of his hole again.

In one of the most brilliantly titled articles I've read in a while-- "Racist A-Holes to Gather in Memphis for Convention"-- I learned that, just 4 days after the Presidential election, Duke and his cronies will be coming to Memphis "to say clearly that neither Black Radical, Barrack Obama [sic], nor Mr. Amnesty, John McCain truly represent the will of the American people." On Duke's website (which I am not linking to on purpose), I learned that their conference is called the "European American Conference" and also that "college students will tell you that a university education today is a guilt-trip for whites."


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bookfraud said...

i wandered over here from the "theory my culture" blog.

i was born and raised in memphis, so i appreciate a voice of sanity from my home town, which, i must admit, has been on the receiving end of much disdain on my part. (five years ago when visiting, if i saw one more of those "w. the president" bumper stickers, i was gonna burn down the peabody.)

my grandparents lived in hein park, so i'm familiar with the 'hood around rhodes. lots of memories. definitely returning...