Sunday, August 10, 2008

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Memphian and funk-and-soul legend Isaac Hayes died early this morning here in town. Hayes was one of the driving forces behind Memphis' own Stax Records and he remained a faithful and active citizen of our fair city for his entire life. Most people know Hayes as the voice behind South Park's character of "Chef," but he was also a "King." (He was given the honorary crown in recognition of his humanitarian work in Ghana's Ada district.) And, of course, Hayes was also a Scientologist, an allegiance that everntually ended his stint on South Park when he accused the show of religious intolerance.

For several years, Isaac Hayes hosted a local radio show in which he would play what he called "hot-buttered love songs." It was one of the best radio programs I've ever heard, and one of the few for which I've ever manipulated my schedule just to be sure I didn't miss it. For a lot of us, there was nothing sexier and more soothing than Hayes' hot-buttered bass voice. He'll be missed.


christophresh said...

Rest In Power, Isaac.
I love "Walk"; I knew it forever from a long sample (almost a cover, really), then finally heard his version.
listening to your show RIGHT NOW DrJ:
very very good.......

theorymyculture said...

So, I just went to post and it error-ed me, then I couldn't get back what I wrote. Alas.

Glad Memphis is keeping his memory right. The main press write-ups were bumming me out. For real.

I am waiting to read someone write about his version of Part Time Lover on Black Moses. Wow. Have you heard this? It is totally unexpected and you'll never hear another version close to it. THAT is genius.