Saturday, June 28, 2008

American Politics, in a word...

I just dicovered the website Capitol Words, which provides an "at-a-glance view into the daily proceedings of the United States Congress through the simplest lens available."

What is the "simplest lens available" you may be asking yourself? Well, it's really simple. Like, a single word. That's right, for every day that Congress is in session, Capitol Words displays the most frequently used word in the Congressional Record. Yesterday the word was "nominations" and before that some of last week's winners were "veterans," "energy" and "oil."

In other American political news, I hope you were able to catch the drama that ensued at John McCain's speech to the National Association of Elected Latino Officials (NALEO) earlier today. McCain was heckled by protestors (here's a link to the video on MSNBC) who held up signs that read "McCain = Guerra" and shouted to the audience "Your silence is assent to war crimes!" McCain, not surprisingly, completly ignored the (multiple) protests.

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Nisha Thompson said...

Thanks for posting about Capitol Words. FYI We have made a lot of great improvements to the site. Check it out:

Capitol Words now has more information you can see what the most said words are over the period of a year, the whole Congress, month, and even day. You can also see what words a lawmaker is saying the most. These improvements give users a better understanding of what is happening in the halls of Congress.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Nisha Thompson