Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kids Say the Damndest Things

Meet my nieces. They're 8 and 4 years old, and I am one of those aunts that really believes they are so great that they must hang the moon at night. I never, ever tell them "no" and I am sure that I am contributing to their future as juvenile delinquents. As a matter of fact, I tell them that when they grow up and decide they want to run away from home to be sure and come to my house. (My brother especially hates this.)

Anyway, I have tried to resist using this blog to regale you with stories of my nieces or my cat (as "girls like me" are wont to do), but this story is just classic. My nieces both attend church, and the older one (who I call "Monkey") was telling us a Bible story that she had learned in Sunday School while the younger one (who I call "Templeton," after the rat in Charlotte's Web) was patiently listening to her older sister's rather long recounting of the story. The story ended with something very kind and good that Jesus did for us, and the conversation went as follows:

MONKEY: ... so that's why we love Jesus!

TEMPLETON (thinking hard, looking puzzled): I don't.

MONKEY: You don't what?

TEMPLETON: I don't love Jesus. I love the Devil.

MONKEY (patiently, but obviously a little concerned): No, that's not right. Don't you remember the story we learned from Miss Sarah? Jesus did all of these good things for us and that's why we love Jesus.

TEMPLETON: Not me. I love the Devil.

So, that just goes to show you that "doing good things for people" is not enough to make them love you. Even my 4-year-old niece knows that.


Doctor J said...

To get the full effect of this story, you need to click on the picture and take a look at Templeton's face. Who knew Devil-lovers were sooooo cute?!!

Brooke said...

That's hilarious! I love how nonchalant your niece is about it, too.

Doctor J said...

Yeah, well, in the 4-year-old universe, I guess Devil-loving is not that big a deal...

Anonymous said...

"Some say it's the Devil tall and dark....a girl like you, oughta know wrong from right"

kgrady said...

Amen to that. Isn't dying for other people's sins a little, I don't know, needy?

kgrady said...

Oh yeah, and she's almost frighteningly cute. A video of her proclaiming her love for the devil would be a sure-fire hit on youtube.

Doctor J said...

Kyle, if you want to see more evidence of her "attitude" (as we like to euphemistically call it), see this short clip from her dance class doing "itsy-bitsy spider."

In particular, pay attention to the part of the song that goes "washed the spider out." Now, THAT's sassy!!

She must take after her aunt...