Sunday, August 19, 2007

Older, even if not Wiser and Better-Looking

August 19- a good day for babies. 1973- a very fine vintage. As it just so happens, that was my birthday. August 19th is also the birthday of Bill Clinton, Orville Wright, Ogden Nash, Fred Thompson, Christian Slater, Tipper Gore and John Stamos. And the same day that Groucho Marx died. Heady times, indeed.

I've retired my poofy-sleeved dress (pictured, left) and I probably won't be showing as much leg as I did in my younger years, but the Big Day has come again and I will somehow mark the occasion. Diabetes prevents me from eating birthday cake, but I can still blow out the (now, quite numerous) candles and make a wish. Here's what I wish for my birthday:

1. I WISH for a break in the heat here in Memphis. It's been 12 days (and counting) of over 100 degree heat, but there's a chance that today we may have a "cool" snap, with the high temperature reaching an almost frigid 99 degrees.

2. I WISH that I don't trip and fall on the way into my first class on Wednesday.

3. I WISH, once again, for somebody to find a cure for diabetes.

4. I WISH for a book contract before my birthdy next year.

5. I WISH that John Edwards would be elected our next President.

6. I WISH for world peace... or at least peace of mind for myself.

7. I WISH for the next year of my life to be happily uneventful.

That's probably enough. Here's to all the fellow-Leos out there!


ashley said...

hi leigh,

happy birthday. here in bulgaria with my spanish-speaking friends. we wish you a happy birthday, belated. talked about sending you a group photo from this strange, strange, poor-driving land.

also, john edwards? what about al sharpton or dennis kucinich.

chet said...

i just realized i am only five days older than you. whoa!!!!

Doctor J said...

hey ash/chet/old fart,

Please give my favorite Bulgarians Petya and Kyle a big hug from me... I really wish I could be there for the wedding!

Also tell them (in Spanish, of course) that I can't wait until they get here in the fall!