Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back Online, Memphis-Style

Well, I'm just about all settled in now. And, surprisingly, it's neither hot nor humid. Or maybe I'm acclimating more quickly than I thought... At any rate, the weather is beautiful, the city is familiar enough to be comfortable but changed enough to be interesting and, most importantly, I am happy to report that my fear of arriving hear and finding out that I didn't know anyone in town anymore has proven NOT to be true. Whew!

To aid this transition, and to keep you all posted on my new environment, I've decided to devote the next couple of weeks of my postings to the South (or, as my friend Kristen likes to call it, the "dirty dirty"). I'm going to take famous quotes about the South and try to expand on them a bit. I'll call this collection The Quotable South and I invite you all to weigh in as you see fit.

Hope y'all are still out there...


Katie said...

Welcome to your new place! I hope you're getting settled and having lots of fun. I love the quotable south series-- great idea!

LEIGH said...

well, I'm ALMOST settled in. I got to that point where there's only one room left that isn;t unpacked, and every time I go in there I say, "Hmmmmm. This can wait."

Ah well....

Give me a call, Katie!

petya said...

Can't wait to read more of the Quotable South series! Loving it so far!

And please remember you still have You Asked questions to answer!!!