Sunday, May 27, 2007

turn out the lights, the party's over...

Thanks to all my friends who helped celebrate my dissertation defense. (Especially those, pictured above, who decided to celebrate with a drunken arm-wrestling tournament!) I had a great time. And this rosey-blurry-mostly-indistinct photo is exactly how I remember it!

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Katie said...

I had so much fun celebrating with you. I didn't realize how serious a party it was going to be, though. I mean, of course I expect serious partying when you're around, Leigh. And especially in celebration of something as big as a PhD. But I didn't know that people would be on bed-rest and painkillers for days afterwards. Apparently drunken arm wrestling is not always as good an idea in hindsight as it seems when the gauntlet is thrown. (My sympathy to Chris Ruth.)