Monday, February 19, 2007

Official Announcement...or... Why I Should've Been a Hegelian

Here are the mutliple options I was considering for opening this post. (I couldn't decide, so they're all here):
"The universe is a funny, funny, thing...."

"Ever since Odysseus, we've all been heading back home in some way or another..."

"I always wondered how it would feel to actually come 'round full circle..."

Whatever... the news is that I have accepted a job in my old hometown, Memphis. After 6 years in the Northeast-- Philly, Syracuse, State College, then Hartford-- I'm heading back down to the South. (or, as my friend Kristen calls it, the "dirty dirty")

And there it is.

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petya said...


I am not sure we can be friend anymore. RHODES?! OF ALL PLACES?! Didn't you know that Sewanee doesn't like Rhodes?!

I am looking forward to the rivalry! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!