Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bringing sexy back to Memphis....

In lieu of another blog on the recent controversy surrounding Harld Ford, Jr.'s campaign (which I just can't bring myself to write about, it's so awful)... I've decided instead to bring some good news from Memphis. I was recently informed by a good friend of mine "inside" the entertainment industry, that Justin Timberlake is re-opening Stax! If you aren't familiar with the Stax label, it was one of the greatest sources of rhythm and soul music ever. Memphis, in a complete lapse of historical consciousness, tore down the Stax studios about ten years ago... but then rebuilt them in the course of an urban renewal project. There are a lot of old Stax musicians still around in Memphis--mostly session players to whom life has never paid their proper due--so the idea that someone (even Justin) is re-opening it is probably the best thing that has happened to the music industry since No Depression.

Unlike many, I am not skeptical of Timeberlake's musical influences. He may have been an Disney/Orlando product at first, but he's a Memphis boy. And Memphis people have good music in their blood, in their hearts, in their churches and homes and cars and waiting rooms and elevators and anywhere else that you can wire up a couple of tweeters and a bass speaker.

For those of you who are familiar with Stax, let me know your favorites. I have my own list, but there is an archive of Stax tunes so large that not many people can't find something new in it.

Long Live Memphis Rock and Soul!

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